Boy Concepts

Some concepts for a short story I thought of yesterday. Usually I'll draw up concepts of an idea I have so that the idea is at least recorded and then forget about the idea for a few years until I randomly go back into old sketch books for ideas. Most of the time these ideas usually get lost because I'm moving forward or look back and say "what the heck was I thinking? This idea stinks!"

Anyway, today I was really excited about the little story I came up with and maybe will stick with it for an upcoming Flash diddy, or at least an illustration. Maybe I'll even share the idea with you someday, but for now here's some concepts of a little boy.


I'm currently working on a few things right now, and one of them happens to be this piece for a competition over at Vormator.com.

It's a piece that needs to be done in Illustrator, limited to only a certain number of shapes that you can work with (they provide the vector elements file for you). It's a great, challenging piece to work on!

Oh yea, and if your piece is good, they'll publish it in a book! How exhilarating!

Here are some characters I've made for my piece!


Oldies but Good-...eh...Just Oldies

These are just to give you a basis as to where I stood artistically around 1-3 years ago. None of these were for any subject in particular other than my own imagination and free time. In these personal exercises, I was striving for readable silhouettes, appealing characters, and strong expressions.

More Old Comics

Old Spectator Comics from Edinboro

Just so you have a little history on me, I pulled out these oldies that range 2002-2005. These are some comics I did for the college newspaper, the Spectator.

These were mocking the SGA of Edinboro University from cutting and denying any more money to the activities under no reasoning. They got mad at the Spectator for mocking them, so we did another just to rub it in.


Doodle 2


To get this thing started, I'm going to try to add at least one new doodle or animation everyday for the next week. Hope you like!

Reel Fall 2006

So here's a little spot to plop some of my animations and doodles. I may not be able to update this too often, but will do my best. For now, here's my newest reel as of Nov. 16! Enjoy:)

As a quick intro, I'm a fulltime character animator at Liquid Generation Studios and freelancing on a music video for Sony Records London. I've worked as a freelance character designer and animator on TV and web since graduating.