Lambo's Inspiration

So here's an 8-bit styled character I did for a game for Liquid Generation back in October 2006.

Around the time I did this piece, I showed it to someone I met from Lambo (a commercial studio in Marina del Rey) who expressed a high interest in my work. In January 2007, I saw a strikingly similar looking character on Motionographer, featuring Lambo's new piece.

I'm pretty sure they dubbed this off me. If that is the case, I think I'm more flattered than angry about it. It's kinda cool. Kinda.

The Motionographer article where I first noticed this piece is here.

You can watch this piece by going here and clicking the Fuel TV "New Pollution" link.

You be the judge!

Yo Gabba Office

A few pictures of the YGG office in Santa Ana.

Wow, what a nerd. And I'm sporting my Dave Wasson shirt!

Evil Villian Designs

This dude has some issues, with a split personality. Some concepts I recently did for a project.



Ledbetter goodness

Dude, I can't wait for these! Kid Robot release on Aug 30!!!



A test animation I did before working with Animax. I'm sure many of you Flash animators that have applied to Animax have done this. I heard they give you a new test now, though.

I did this mainly focusing on the acting. Watching it now, I would have changed the timing in "Sloshie's" reactions a bit, but it's finished now considering this turned in quite a while ago.


Adios, Hollywood! Hellooo, Pittsburgh!

So long Hollywood! I've moved to Pittsburgh!

I have to say I've loved my experiences out west but it is now time to start my life in Pittsburgh. I've accepted a new job and more importantly can't wait to live a strong, healthy and happy life with my beautiful wife!

(this seems to be a typical thing for the penguins from what I hear, but hey, the King didn't do much better!)

(Hollywood picture via http://www.elementinsites.com)