Tape Art in Spain!

Check this out! The Tape Matters show from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain asked me to do a piece and I found a picture of it online in the gallery. Here's my submission:

And here are some other ones that are better than mine in the same show:

You can take a look at the rest of them in the Pictures section of their myspace here.



Detail of an unfinished project.


Persistence of Vision short film

So I was telling somebody the other day about the short film "Persistence of Vision" I worked on in my last year at Edinboro and when they asked if they could view it, I said not yet, maybe it will be posted online someday. And so I thought I'd share. I was able to work with some really talented friends on this. They are the ones that made this film happen.

Part 1


You may also watch it by right-clicking and "save as" here. (mpeg4-QT - 66mb).