Sailing in Santa Barbara

I went sailing this last weekend with my wonderful fiance, my friend Lyon and his girlfriend, Bridgette and my friend Shaun who hooked us up with the boat.

Have a looksy!


Another world

This is a planet thousands of light years away from Earth.

Or at least my interpretation.

People Look Funny

Some random caricature doodles from the past couple weeks. Some of these are from the airport and the bottom few from a sketch jam last Saturday.


Amanda Visell

Kristen and I went to Amanda Visell's solo show "Switcheroo" art opening last night at Gallery 1988 and it was sooo cool! She had a 3-piece (trumpet, tuba and banjo) dixieland band playing and gave out cool little bags to the first 100 people which I'll be posting some pics soon! Not to mention every piece of art in there is strong eye candy!

Her work is a lot like Tim Biskup's style but she works more with animals and human characters that the general public can relate to a little better than Biskup's more abstract/experimental shapes and characters. When looking at Visell's work, the viewer writes a story in their mind for each and every piece which I love. When looking at Biskup's, I personally don't get that but moreso look at his work for its artistic value. I don't prefer one over the other, just comparing the two.

I highly recommend if you're in the LA area to go check out Switcheroo.

Great show, Amanda!