True-Life Adventures

Tonight I went to see John Canemaker host the celebration of the release of the True-Life Adventures at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood with Roy Disney (and a couple other guys but who cares next to John and Roy!). What a treat!

Roy told us some stories about his Uncle Walt telling him the story of Pinocchio when he was sick in bed around the age of nine. He said that's around the time Pinocchio was still in the story department. When he went to see the movie over a year later in the theater, he was very disappointed compared to the story Walt told him. That's kind of expected but still great to hear.

There was also one of the cameramen, Paul Kenworthy, that shot some of the True-Life Adventures (including The Living Desert and The Vanishing Prairie) who spoke briefly about his experience. When I used to watch these as a little kid with my grandpa (he had a collection on VHS), I used to think the True-Life Adventures were completely natural and wondered how they got so much great footage of animals fighting, but in actuality Kenworthy revealed to us that they would place the animals in the habitat just to "see what would happen". There's a clip of a bobcat and boars I believe in The Living Desert where the bobcat is scared off by the boars and climbs a tall cactus to escape but to find himself stuck at the top. But Kenworthy said he had a friend who raised the bobcat and let them use the animal to see how it would react to the boars. They got a good take of the action and never got the bobcat back.

At the end of the night, I had to congratulate Mr. Canemaker on his oscar in person and get a quick snapshot.

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