Zombo Gallery Ukulele Show

Hey! Hope everyone had a great Christmas and Happy New Year! I sure did.

I should've posted about this months ago, but better late then never I suppose. I was recently in a group gallery show called the Zombo Gallery Ukulele Show in Lawrenceville, just east of downtown Pittsburgh. It was pretty rad in that each artist was to paint something, anything, on a ukulele! It was curated by a local friend of mine, Nathan Mazur. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the actual show and now kicking myself for it, but I did keep the ukulele. Inspired by our cat, Brobee.


First I thought this might be a cool idea:

Then I played with it a little more and came up with this one:

I thought this was a better idea so I went with it.

Some great local talent was involved in the show including Pat Lewis, Wayno, Eric Luden, Joe Wos, of course Nathan M, among others. Hopefully, this will be an annual show, and get a bunch more artists involved next year!

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