Fake Fast Food

Almost exactly a year ago at Animal, we shot a commercial for a local chain restaurant. The goal for this particular campaign was to make this restaurant seem as though the food there is better than your average fast food restaurant. In the spots, the people are eating the typical fast food burger, fries and soft drink, but we could not put an exact brand name on the foods, although they did use fries and burgers from a joint with the initials McD. Anyway, we created a fake name that would provide the audience with a placeholder for a fast food joint, and after coming up with many different options, Moo Moo's Quickies was settled upon. I was asked to create a faux logo for Moo Moo's Quickies, and above are the options I provided. The image below is the logo we settled on, which was a mix of the favorites provided above. Dig!

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